The “Everything Is Not Okay” Spread

Years back, I made a spread for the times we just need to hear that everything is going to be all right. But sometimes, when things are really bad, that’s not what we need. Sometimes we need to scream and cry and acknowledge that everything is not, in fact, going to be all right. Sometimes people need to have their grief and rage seen, rather than swept under the rug, because to say everything will be all right would be to dishonor that grief and rage.

Without further ado, I present a Tarot spread for times like this.

  1. Well, shit.
  2. Holy shit.
  3. Holy FUCKING shit.
  5. Things are, in fact, as bad as they seem
  6. But here’s how you’ll find the strength to carry on


Everything is not okay. Everything is not going to be okay. But we will find the strength to carry on anyway. I don’t have the heart to interpret my sample reading here, but it’s about Kavanaugh. I feel it’s is fairly self-explanatory.

5 thoughts on “The “Everything Is Not Okay” Spread

  1. It will be okay. Hold on to what is truly important and release the bullshit you “want” but don’t need. And when the going gets tough, stop drop and roll with the punches. It’s only a new perspective. A new way of seeing the exact same thing.


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