My Yule Opening of the Key: The First Operation

[There’s a lot of intro and personal reflection here. If you want to skip to the reading, scroll down. I flag where the reading itself starts.] Back in the early days of this blog, when I was still figuring out a lot of religious stuff, I had a devotional practice involving Tarot cards. Long story […]

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My Five Go-To Tarot Decks

I own a lot of Tarot decks. Some were sent to me so that I could review them on the blog, others were gifts, but for the most part, these are decks that I bought because I saw them online, fell in love with the artwork, and felt that I had to have them. The […]

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Sometimes You’re Wrong

People read Tarot for a variety of reasons. Some people use it predictively, some people use it introspectively, and so on. The uses range from the purely psychological, to decision-making, to bona fide divination. However, a common thread among all Tarot readers is that we read Tarot because it works. Whatever we’re trying to use […]

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Tarot Tag: 15 Questions

This is a fun getting-to-know-you tag that was apparently started in 2017 by Arwen Lynch. I’m not sure how I didn’t see it when it first made the rounds (or who knows, maybe I did), but Benebell Wen just did a great post on this tag, and it looked like so much fun that I […]

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What is Tarot Good For?

Last weekend, I gave a local workshop on the astrological correspondences of the Tarot deck. We went through all the Golden Dawn correspondences, starting with the Sepher Yetzirah and examining the attributions of the Major Arcana, then looking at the Minors and the Court Cards. It was tremendous fun. At one point during this workshop, a […]

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Emergence, Beauty, and Tarot

I remember the day I learned the word “concatenation”. It was a Friday, and I was in my eighth-grade* Gothic literature class. We were talking about the numinous experience of the narrator in Henry James’s The Turn of the Screw. That day changed my life. The definition that I learned on that Friday turns out to […]

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