Fun With Geomancy, Part 2

Today we continue our exploration of my divinatory dalliance with Western geomancy. If you haven’t read Part 1 and you’re not already familiar with geomancy, I recommend you do so now. In it, I outline the basics of how to cast a geomantic shield chart, and having a complete shield chart is necessary before you […]

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The Cognitive Bias Spread

Tarot readers are human. We make mistakes. And sometimes, we see what we want to see. This is especially true because Tarot is an interpretive medium, more so even than other forms of divination. (After all, something like a pendulum or a passage from the I Ching is going to give you a pretty straightforward answer […]

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Reading With Missing Cards

Let’s talk about negative space. In any Tarot reading, the cards provide you with a certain amount of information that enables you, as the reader, to infer a narrative and connect that narrative back to your querent’s situation. Learning how to read Tarot is about being able to maximize that information–to get the most out of […]

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Samhain Tree Spread

Saturday is Halloween, or for those following a Pagan path, Samhain. The beginning of winter on the Celtic calendar and the halfway point of autumn on the Gregorian, this holiday is a time of harvest, death, and putting things to rest. Here’s a short, tree-shaped spread to explore some of the energies surrounding Samhain: 1. […]

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22-Card Tableau Spread

Hiya, kids. We’re going to try something different today. This is a spread I’ve played around with a couple of times before and that I’ve found very good for analyzing major turning points in a querent’s life. However, it has always seemed very difficult to explain to other people. In part, this is because it involves […]

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