The Empress and the Tower

Spring is coming. You wouldn’t know it to look out my window right now (we had a massive snowstorm across the northeastern US this week), but the vernal equinox is only a week and a half away. So I thought now would be an appropriate time to talk about two cards that I associate with […]

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A Review of the Celtic Tarot

I’ll be honest. I’ve never entirely understood the Celtic craze in the Tarot world. Tarot is not Celtic; there is nothing about its structure, symbolism, or history that lends itself readily to Celtic mythology. Some of my least favorite among the decks in my collection are Celtic-themed. Much like fairy decks and cat decks, my […]

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The King of Wands Thinks He’s Better Than You

It’s nothing personal. It’s not that he thinks you’re┬ábad or anything. It’s just that no matter how good you are, in his mind he will always be better. Smarter, better-looking, more athletic, morally superior. Whatever the quality being measured, the King of Wands is convinced that he is the best. In my first-ever Tarot journal, […]

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Woohoo, I’m a Witch!

It’s so funny to think that I used to be non-Wiccan. Moreover, that I used to be actively turned off by Wicca–as a Tarot reader, I found myself constantly distancing myself from Wicca and everything that smelled like it. I insisted, and continue to insist, that Tarot and Wicca have absolutely nothing to do with […]

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Tips on Reading Tarot for Yourself

Reading Tarot for oneself is infamously hard. Tarot is an interpretive art, with no clear-cut formula (unlike, say, Lenormand, which is basically divinatory algebra). Every Tarot spread can be meaningfully interpreted in a variety of ways, and the reader’s job is to piece together the cards into the story that best matches her querent’s situation. […]

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Shadow Work: The Thoughts We Don’t Allow Ourselves to Think

This week’s post is going to be on the personal side. This blog is, by its nature, rather personal, but for the most part I try to keep things focused on Tarot, bringing in my own experiences as a jumping-off point for cartomantic discussion. This week, though, it’s really all about me. There’s no Tarot […]

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A Tarot Spread for People You Can’t Stand

What do you do when you just can’t bring yourself to like someone? If you’re me, you make a Tarot spread.   Don’t get me wrong, there are lots of people I dislike. I’m not the world’s greatest judge of character, but I do like to believe that, as a general rule, I like a […]

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