Woohoo, I’m a Witch!

It’s so funny to think that I used to be non-Wiccan. Moreover, that I used to be actively turned off by Wicca–as a Tarot reader, I found myself constantly distancing myself from Wicca and everything that smelled like it. I insisted, and continue to insist, that Tarot and Wicca have absolutely nothing to do with […]

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Tips on Reading Tarot for Yourself

Reading Tarot for oneself is infamously hard. Tarot is an interpretive art, with no clear-cut formula (unlike, say, Lenormand, which is basically divinatory algebra). Every Tarot spread can be meaningfully interpreted in a variety of ways, and the reader’s job is to piece together the cards into the story that best matches her querent’s situation. […]

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