The Four of Swords and the Nine of Wands: Rest Imposes Itself

I’ve been away from the blog for a while, and I apologize for that. My father died unexpectedly, and I had to fly out to the West Coast to deal with that. I will likely write about the grieving process at some point here on the blog, but for now, I prefer to keep it […]

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Tarot Cards for the Pandemic

Holy hell, it’s been eleven months. Eleven. Months. Fuck. I’m extraordinarily lucky. No one in my immediate circle has died from COVID-19. I’m safe, healthy, and gainfully employed. I have housemates, so I haven’t been totally without social interaction for the past eleven months. My parents both lost their jobs, but my mother pretty quickly […]

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On Wrath

Yeah, yeah, I know I was going to do a love post comparing the Two of Cups with the Lovers. But my heart’s not in it. Plus, I have officially started my Ph.D, and free time for Tarot-related things is on the short side, so a blog post isn’t going to get written unless it’s […]

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Destroy the Ring, Frodo!

Ay, caramba. I’ve been away for a while. The next few weeks are going to be ridiculously busy for me, so forgive me if I don’t get to the blog updates as often as I’d like. I promise, I’m not dead. I just don’t always get around to the writing of the posts. They’re rather […]

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