Playing Tarot Solitaire

I’ve always been a card shark. I grew up in Nevada, the land of hookers and gambling, and my formative years gave me a lifelong passion for card games. I’ll play just about any game with you, although I’ll never play for money. Hearts? I’m in. Bridge? I never learned how to do the whole […]

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The Cognitive Bias Spread

Tarot readers are human. We make mistakes. And sometimes, we see what we want to see. This is especially true because Tarot is an interpretive medium, more so even than other forms of divination. (After all, something like a pendulum or a passage from the I Ching is going to give you a pretty straightforward answer […]

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When the End is Not In Sight

Putain de merde, I’ve been gone for a long time. It seems like everything I post now starts with a disclaimer along the lines of “Sorry it’s been so long since my last post, but I promise I’ll post more regularly from now on”. It’s been pretty much a full month since I last had […]

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The Seven Planets Spread

For complicated reasons involving the amount of sunlight in my apartment and the fact that I worked on the Fourth of July (ugh), I was not able to take pictures for my promised deck review this week. The deck is sitting, unopened, in its box on my bedroom floor, and I promise, I’ll share it […]

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The Wheel of the Year Spread

The Wheel of the Year is a Pagan calendric system marking the passing of the seasons with eight festivals: the winter and summer solstices, the vernal and autumnal equinoxes, and the halfway points between them. Even for non-Pagans, the symbolism associated with these eight festivals can provide a rich and insightful Tarot reading. 1. Samhain […]

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Springtime Spread

This is a quick Tarot spread that I devised for those looking to reflect on the new growth that comes with spring every year, and who are looking to manifest that growth in their lives. Enjoy! Winter: A hardship that you’re putting to rest Seed: What’s been dormant in your life until now Soil: Something […]

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Job Interview Spread

This is a simple spread that I whipped up to help myself focus before job interviews (or really, interviews of any kind). It uses six cards, laid out as shown below: The spread positions are as follows: 1. The job Or more specifically, the nature of the job. Obviously, you know what the job is, or […]

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