Astrology and the Court Cards

Have I written this post before? I might have written this post before. If nothing else, I’ve probably touched on its content in a footnote. Nevertheless, this is an interesting way to approach the Court Cards, so I think it bears repeating. The sixteen Court Cards are widely recognized as the most difficult in the […]

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Fun With Geomancy, Part 3

This post concludes (at least for now) my let’s-learn-geomancy-together series. If you haven’t read Part 1 and Part 2, and you’re not already familiar with geomancy, it would probably be helpful to do so. And, as previously, please remember that I am not an expert on geomancy and my goal here is not to “teach” anything. I […]

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Fun With Geomancy, Part 2

Today we continue our exploration of my divinatory dalliance with Western geomancy. If you haven’t read Part 1 and you’re not already familiar with geomancy, I recommend you do so now. In it, I outline the basics of how to cast a geomantic shield chart, and having a complete shield chart is necessary before you […]

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The Seven Planets Spread

For complicated reasons involving the amount of sunlight in my apartment and the fact that I worked on the Fourth of July (ugh), I was not able to take pictures for my promised deck review this week. The deck is sitting, unopened, in its box on my bedroom floor, and I promise, I’ll share it […]

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