The Wheel of Fortune: Sometimes You Don’t Get to Know

The Wheel of Fortune is an odd card to turn up in a reading. Generally speaking, when people ask for a Tarot reading, it’s because they’re looking for knowledge about their lives. They have a question, some open thing that’s murky and unclear to them, and they’re hoping that you (with your transcendent mystical hoobedy-hoobedy […]

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The James Bond Tarot (Part 1)

I┬álove James Bond. I grew up with him. The Bond movies are the only films my parents own, and I’ve seen each of them (yes, even┬áNever Say Never Again, which isn’t canon) so many times I’ve lost count. My family’s Thanksgiving tradition during my childhood was always to get Chinese takeout and watch James Bond […]

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A Tarot Fairy Tale

I’ve written a couple of times before about the devotional work I do with Tarot. One thing I haven’t much discussed, though, is the notion of myth-making as it factors into my personal Tarot practice. Religion involves myth. Before we have theology (and arguably before we have praxis) we have stories, which structure the things […]

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