Video: The Point of Initiatory Secrecy

One of the hallmarks of traditional Wicca is that initiates take an oath of secrecy: There are certain things they agree not to discuss with non-initiates. But why? From the outside, this can feel like a snobbish and exclusionary practice. In this video, I talk through some of the motivations for magical secrecy, not as […]

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Video: “Traditional” versus “Reform” Gardnerians?

The Gardnerian Tradition of Wicca, like any other group, is vulnerable to internal politics that can be baffling from the outside. Lately, a few transphobic Gardnerians have been making a lot of noise about wanting to institute a distinction between “traditional” and “reform” Gardnerian Wicca–and well-meaning seekers who don’t know the context may not understand […]

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