My Five Go-To Tarot Decks

I own a lot of Tarot decks. Some were sent to me so that I could review them on the blog, others were gifts, but for the most part, these are decks that I bought because I saw them online, fell in love with the artwork, and felt that I had to have them. The […]

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In Defense of the Swords

One of the great frustrations of Tarot is that the Swords get short shrift. Tarot decks contain unpleasant cards—they have to, in order to accurately represent the wide range of human experiences and emotions. A deck that has good vibes only is not actually terribly useful for divination, because it can never give you warning […]

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A Review of the Urban Tarot

I’m coming to you today with a review of a deck I’ve been anticipating for ages: Robin Scott’s Urban Tarot, published by US Games. This deck, much like Courtney Weber’s Tarot of the Boroughs, is a love letter to New York City. Its cards are replete with images of famous New York landmarks and attractions, […]

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