A Review of the Luna Sol Tarot

Today I’m excited to share with you a review of the Luna Sol Tarot, a new deck by Mike Medaglia. The Luna Sol Tarot takes traditional RWS images and themes, presenting them in a soft color palette with occasional modern twists, and it’s especially delightful because of the diversity of characters it features. The people depicted on […]

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The James Bond Tarot (Part 1)

I love James Bond. I grew up with him. The Bond movies are the only films my parents own, and I’ve seen each of them (yes, even Never Say Never Again, which isn’t canon) so many times I’ve lost count. My family’s Thanksgiving tradition during my childhood was always to get Chinese takeout and watch James Bond […]

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A Review of the Tattoo Tarot

The Tattoo Tarot is a new Tarot deck designed by Diana McMahon-Collis (a co-founder of the Tarot Association of the British Isles) and illustrated by tattoo artist MEGAMUNDEN. It’s a 78-card, traditional TdM-style deck done in the illustrative style of traditionalist tattoos. The deck is accompanied by a small companion book (25 pages) with keywords for […]

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