The Empress and the Tower

Spring is coming. You wouldn’t know it to look out my window right now (we had a massive snowstorm across the northeastern US this week), but the vernal equinox is only a week and a half away. So I thought now would be an appropriate time to talk about two cards that I associate with […]

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A Review of the Celtic Tarot

I’ll be honest. I’ve never entirely understood the Celtic craze in the Tarot world. Tarot is not Celtic; there is nothing about its structure, symbolism, or history that lends itself readily to Celtic mythology. Some of my least favorite among the decks in my collection are Celtic-themed. Much like fairy decks and cat decks, my […]

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Tips on Reading Tarot for Yourself

Reading Tarot for oneself is infamously hard. Tarot is an interpretive art, with no clear-cut formula (unlike, say, Lenormand, which is basically divinatory algebra). Every Tarot spread can be meaningfully interpreted in a variety of ways, and the reader’s job is to piece together the cards into the story that best matches her querent’s situation. […]

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