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My name is Jack Chanek. In another life, I’m many things: a philosophy graduate student, a Gardnerian Wiccan, a queer man, and a massive James Bond nerd. I’m also the author of Qabalah for Wiccans: Ceremonial Magic on the Pagan Path and Tarot for Real Life, both published by Llewellyn Books, and I am ridiculously proud of my little books.

But here, on this site, I am a Tarot reader first and foremost. I’ve been reading Tarot since I was eleven years old. I used to be a member of the American Tarot Association, and I may rejoin that fine institution at some point in the future, but grad school doesn’t pay well and I can’t currently justify to myself the $25 membership fee. Truly, I live a glamorous life.

If you ask ten different Tarot readers what they think Tarot is and how it works, you’re liable to get twelve different answers, but here’s the Reader’s Digest version of my history with Tarot. I used to be of the opinion that Tarot doesn’t have any kind of supernatural power. I didn’t use it to predict the future, to gain knowledge of other people’s actions or motivations, or (in more general terms) to provide me with any knowledge that I didn’t already have.

I used to use Tarot as an introspective tool, a way for me to reflect on, poke at, and reassess my personal choices and beliefs. There are seventy-eight cards, and to each is ascribed a particular thematic meaning. When I read Tarot, I asked questions like “Why did I do this?” or “How can I avoid making this mistake again?” And then I looked at the themes represented by the cards that come up, and I considered how those themes fit into my life. Tarot for me was food for thought, and the value of it was not objectively in the cards themselves but in the process of interpreting them and applying them to my life. If you comb back through the older posts on here, you’ll find a great deal that was influenced by this perspective.

Then I got into Witchcraft, and, well, my relationship to Tarot changed.

Nowadays, I use Tarot as real, proper, telling-the-future divination. Frankly, it’s nowhere near the weirdest thing I believe or do these days. I’ve changed a great deal in the years since I started this blog (as, I think, is healthy), and I’ve slid much farther towards the hoobedy-hoobedy mystical end of the Tarot spectrum. When I started the blog, I was a staunch atheist; now, I’m a Wiccan with a secondary practice of Slavic polytheism. When I started the blog, I didn’t believe in magic, divination, or the supernatural; now, all three are part of the quotidian furnishings of my life.

I’ve changed a great deal since this blog began, and the blog itself has changed with me. I only hope that it will continue to do so in the years to come. Hopefully, there’ll be something of value here for you, whether you’re a seasoned Tarotist, a bright-eyed neophyte, or a hardened skeptic.

If you want to book a reading with me, you can reach me through the Contact page on this blog. My rate is $100 for a 30-minute session, and I pro-rate for any session longer than half an hour.

You can also find me on Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube.

There you have it, dear reader. A short introduction to who I am and how I relate to the Tarot. Welcome to my bloggy little corner of the internet. Enter freely. Go safely, and leave something of the happiness you bring.


9 thoughts on “About Me

  1. This is one of the most interesting and humorous About Me’s I’ve ever read. I particularly enjoy the two footnotes. I am a huge Shakespeare fan as well, having performed in five or so over my time acting, and have thought of using Shakespearean names myself :). Lysander is definitely a good choice ^_^


      1. Naaaw thank you!!! That means a lot to hear from such an experienced tarot reader ^_^. I’m currently working my way through your posts when I have the time to spare. Very intriguing indeed 🙂 🙂 🙂


    1. Unfortunately, I’m not currently offering professional readings online. If and when that changes, I’ll be sure to update this blog with contact and payment information.


  2. Hello, Jack of Wands. Having already been quite generous in your FB comments re my THE LOST TAROT, a limited edition signed/numbered Major Arcana deck, might you be interested in writing your own review for public posting? Hans Bauer


  3. Hi, Jack. Didn’t I used to see you around Aeclectic Tarot and other sites as Jack of Wands? If so, we had a few interesting conversations. My path with divination was almost identical to yours, although it began in 1972. I came from a Qabala and ceremonial magic background, then found the Thoth deck and BoT and spent decades using it introspectively, but when I came back to active practice in 2011 and joined Aeclectic I realized I was pretty much done with that. So now I mostly blog (a lot), create spreads and do a few readings (although Covid torpedoed most of that). I found your site by accident looking for Wheel of the Year spreads.

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