A Review of the Modern Witch Tarot

I’ve been anticipating the Modern Witch Tarot for quite some time. From creator Lisa Sterle, this is a traditional RWS-style Tarot deck set in the modern day. It features contemporary dress (rather than the slightly off-putting faux Renaissance garb of the original RWS), the inclusion of modern-day technology like laptops and cell phones, and a […]

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A Review of the Slavic Tarot

There’s nothing else like this deck, and I am so very excited about it. The Slavic Tarot is a self-published deck from artist M.A.I. Murray, available through Etsy. It adapts the structure of a traditional Tarot deck to incorporate figures from Slavic mythology and folk tales. The Major Arcana in this deck each depict a […]

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A Review of the Urban Tarot

I’m coming to you today with a review of a deck I’ve been anticipating for ages: Robin Scott’s Urban Tarot, published by US Games. This deck, much like Courtney Weber’s Tarot of the Boroughs, is a love letter to New York City. Its cards are replete with images of famous New York landmarks and attractions, […]

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A Review of the Luna Sol Tarot

Today I’m excited to share with you a review of the Luna Sol Tarot, a new deck by Mike Medaglia. The Luna Sol Tarot takes traditional RWS images and themes, presenting them in a soft color palette with occasional modern twists, and it’s especially delightful because of the diversity of characters it features. The people depicted on […]

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