The Seven Returns to the Five

I’ve been doing a lot of intense meditative work with the Minor Arcana of late (which led to my recent post on the Swords and Cups). One of the things I noticed in this work is that in each suit, there’s a connection between the Seven and the Five. The Fives are all hard, unpleasant, […]

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The Cognitive Bias Spread

Tarot readers are human. We make mistakes. And sometimes, we see what we want to see. This is especially true because Tarot is an interpretive medium, more so even than other forms of divination. (After all, something like a pendulum or a passage from theĀ I Ching is going to give you a pretty straightforward answer […]

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Tarot and Timing Spellwork

The idea of using Tarot in magic(k) is not exactly new. The Aeclectic Tarot Forum has a whole constellation of discussions on this topic, and Kelly-Ann Maddox at the Four Queens did a video on it not too long ago. Here, I want to take a bit of a different tack and talk about how […]

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