A Prime Factorization Tarot Spread

I like to experiment with Tarot in a variety of ways. One of those is to come up with new spreads, new forms I can use to get information out of the cards. Some of these spreads work their way into my permanent repertoire; others, I use once or twice and then discard. Regardless, playing […]

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22-Card Tableau Spread

Hiya, kids. We’re going to try something different today. This is a spread I’ve played around with a couple of times before and that I’ve found very good for analyzing major turning points in a querent’s life. However, it has always seemed very difficult to explain to other people. In part, this is because it involves […]

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Card Counting Techniques in Tarot

It seems there are two big schools of thought in the Tarot world when it comes to reading with spreads. In one camp, there are readers who use spreads religiously, and who hate to perform a reading without first fixing the meaning of each card’s position. (This doesn’t necessarily mean that these readers are uninventive […]

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