Decks I Have & Want

Writing this page, I can’t help but hear Hannibal Lecter’s voice in my ear: “He covets. That is his nature.”

Caught me.

But I, unlike Buffalo Bill, am not a murderous pit-digging sort of covetous individual. I covet Tarot decks, and somehow I think that no matter how many I manage to accrue over my lifetime, I’ll never have enough. Below is a (woefully short) list of the decks currently in my possession, along with a working and ever-changing list of ten or so decks that I would like to make my next purchases. I had to keep the latter list short, because simply writing “I WANT EVERYTHING” really isn’t helpful, and this way I have something to refer to on those rare occasions (i.e. Christmas and my birthday) when I can justify the expense of buying a new deck.

Decks I Have

  • Anna K Tarot
  • Aquarian Tarot
  • Celtic Tarot
  • Contemplative Tarot
  • Cosmic Slumber Tarot
  • Dante Tarot
  • Dark Fairytale Tarot
  • Deviant Moon Tarot
  • Dreams of Gaia Tarot
  • Druid Craft Tarot
  • Dust II Onyx Tarot
  • Edgar Allan Poe Tarot
  • English Magic Tarot
  • Forty Servants Deck
  • Fountain Tarot
  • Golden Tarot (Kat Black)
  • Golden Tarot: The Visconti-Sforza Deck
  • Golden Universal Tarot
  • Green Witch Tarot
  • Heaven & Earth Tarot
  • Hermetic Tarot
  • Hidden Waters Tarot
  • Linestrider Tarot
  • Lost Tarot
  • Luna Sol Tarot
  • Mary-El Tarot
  • Medieval Scapini Tarot
  • Millennium Thoth Tarot
  • Morgan-Greer Tarot
  • New Chapter Tarot
  • Night Sun Tarot
  • Numinous Tarot
  • Ostara Tarot
  • Prisma Visions Tarot
  • Revelations Tarot
  • Shadowscapes Tarot
  • Spirit Keeper’s Tarot (Vitruvian Edition)
  • Tarot of the Absurd
  • Tarot of the Abyss
  • Tarot of the Divine
  • Tarot of the Divine Masculine
  • Tarot Gauloise
  • Tarot of the Golden Wheel
  • Tarot of the Hidden Realm
  • Tarot Illuminati
  • Tarot de Jacques Viéville
  • Tarot de Marseille
  • Tarot de Maria Celia
  • Tarot Mucha
  • Tarot Nova
  • Tarot of Why
  • Tarot of the Witches (Fergus Hall)
  • Tarot in Wonderland
  • Tattoo Tarot
  • Thoth Tarot
  • True Black Tarot
  • Universal Waite Tarot
  • Urban Tarot
  • Vanessa Tarot
  • Vivid Journey Tarot
  • White Numen: A Sacred Animal Tarot
  • Wild Unknown Tarot
  • Wildwood Tarot
  • Wooden Tarot

I also own a copy of Pixie’s Astounding Lenormand, which is lovely, but it’s not a Tarot deck so I thought I’d list it separately.

Decks I Want Need

  • Ancestral Path Tarot
  • City Mystic Tarot
  • Daniloff Tarot
  • Ghetto Tarot
  • Luminous Tarot
  • Orbifold Tarot
  • Slow Holler Tarot
  • Tarot of the Boroughs
  • Tyldwick Tarot

8 thoughts on “Decks I Have & Want

  1. After looking at your list, you have introduced me to The Dark Fairytale Tarot. Usually not a fan of the CG-heavy decks, but this one is great. And it seems as if a lot of people are fans of the Shadowscapes (I own that one too).


    1. The Dark Fairytale Tarot is a beautiful deck! I really can’t wait for Christmas so that I have an excuse to lay my hands on it.
      As for Shadowscapes, it’s slowly growing on me. When I first got it, I was a bit disappointed–the deck itself is stunning, but for some reason I just didn’t love it. But the more I work with it, the more I’m coming to like it, and I’ve found that other people really love when I use this deck in readings for them.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I totally agree with you on getting Shadowscapes to work. At first, it really didn’t want to “talk”. So, it got dismissed as one of those that will only be used for more fantastical readings. Well, during a deck interview, I got scolded majorly. There is so much to look at in the cards starting out makes it difficult.
        And totally with you when other people love it. My friends love staring at the pictures.


  2. What an awesome idea to post your collection on the blog!
    About Shadowscapes – wow, when I unboxed it, I fell immediatey in love… But the readings! I literally felt the Queen of Swords stabbing me with calla lilies.

    But I still really like reading with it. It is a tad cold and aloof, kind of like the pretty girl at the prom. She knows she’s popular, she knows she’s pretty, you gotta work for her attention!

    Prisma Visions is on my list also… Should get it for Christmas, honestly I am counting the seconds!


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