Video: Getting Literal With Tarot

When I first started reading Tarot, I felt like I had to be abstract and metaphorical in every interpretation of every card–as if it were somehow cheating for me to fall back on more straightforward, literal interpretations. In this video, I talk about how my reading style changed when I started to allow for literalism […]

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Tarot Cards for the Pandemic

Holy hell, it’s been eleven months. Eleven. Months. Fuck. I’m extraordinarily lucky. No one in my immediate circle has died from COVID-19. I’m safe, healthy, and gainfully employed. I have housemates, so I haven’t been totally without social interaction for the past eleven months. My parents both lost their jobs, but my mother pretty quickly […]

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The Six Is the Tipping Point

In my last post, I talked about the relationship between the Seven and the Five in each suit of the Minor Arcana: The Five presents us with strife and trouble, and the Seven revisits that strife with a mature perspective that gives us the tools to handle it. Naturally, then, the question arises: What’s the […]

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The Seven Returns to the Five

I’ve been doing a lot of intense meditative work with the Minor Arcana of late (which led to my recent post on the Swords and Cups). One of the things I noticed in this work is that in each suit, there’s a connection between the Seven and the Five. The Fives are all hard, unpleasant, […]

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A Tarot Playlist

Blogging about Tarot is not all essays and analysis. Sometimes, it’s about finding fun and silly ways to relate to the cards like my occasional humor posts. Yesterday, I took a couple of hours to put together a playlist of twenty-two songs that make me think of the Major Arcana, so I wanted to share […]

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