Video: Favorite Witch Novels

5 thoughts on “Video: Favorite Witch Novels

  1. I just read a non fiction/memoir book about fairytales and disability ‘Disfigured’ by Amanda Leduc, and loved it. Lots of witchery in there! For fiction, this year I enjoyed the Silverwood (a gay mm green man type short fiction tale) Octavias Brood, speculative sci fi short story anthology of lgbt/disabled/bipoc writers with witchy bits in and Devils Day by Andrew Michael Hurley which was folk horror with a satanic edge.

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  2. If you want a quick primer on English history of that era, Ian Mortimer writes beautifully immersive ‘Time Travellers Guides to Britain’ he wrote on for Tudor and for Restoration Britain and covers witchcraft and religion in them. The premise is that you wake up in that era and Ian guides you through your day, the customs, the food, books, money, politics, romantic etiquette and social class etc.

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