Video: Do We Create the Gods?

Some rambling thoughts about a popular theological viewpoint in Paganism, which I term the “Pratchett-Gaiman” theology: The idea that we create the Gods through our belief in and worship of them. I understand why this theology is appealing, but it doesn’t quite resonate with me, and I try to talk through the reasons why.

Be sure to check out the book I mention in the video: The Practical Art of Divine Magic, by Patrick Dunn.

One thought on “Video: Do We Create the Gods?

  1. It makes me think of those phases in child development to do with object constancy, playing peekaboo, the mother stepping out and the toddler unable to conceptualize that she still exists! I think you explained the nuance of this issue beautifully.

    Thanks for the book recommendation, one thing I struggle with is knowing what Deity to work with given that I grew up in a white British household without a Christian heritage but I did have an abusive Buddhist parent. I don’t feel at home in my own British Anglican tradition or the esoteric Tibetan buddhism of my upbringing. I’m also not really connected to the typical pagan practices I see around me (Norse, Celtic spirituality) so I feel confused about how a person makes that connection with a god or goddess in a way that isn’t just Deity window shopping!


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