Ideas for Pathworking

I decided to experiment with a different medium! Rather than a written post this time around, I made a video with some rambling thoughts about pathworking: What it is in the context of Tarot, a couple of different techniques, and some reasons that it might be worth doing. I’m not sure if I’ll do more videos—I really do think I prefer longform writing—but hey, no harm in trying something new!

7 thoughts on “Ideas for Pathworking

  1. Video works for me! You have great stage presence. I’d love to hear more about pathworking through the Tree of Life. I’m in the camp you identified — long-term tarot readers who resist Kabbalistic study.


  2. Great info. That was one of best explanations of pathworking I’ve heard, read, whatever. Nice to see you but whatever way you choose to share your information I’m in for the long haul. Always insightful and thought provoking. Thanks as always

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  3. Brilliantly done. Thank you. I’m going to step into The Hierophant…always feel undecided about him. I recall watching another video where it was brought to my attention that cards we feel iffy about probably have the most to say to us. Perhaps I’m avoiding the conversation!

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  4. Aw, that was lovely! Wonderful information, and the camera loves you, dahling!

    I seriously get what you mean about the videos being a time saver. I sat down this morning and thought “wow, I really need to update my links section…half of these are dead”. Six hours later my links look great and have nice annotations, but nothing else that needed to get accomplished today got done.

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