The Seven Planets Spread

For complicated reasons involving the amount of sunlight in my apartment and the fact that I worked on the Fourth of July (ugh), I was not able to take pictures for my promised deck review this week. The deck is sitting, unopened, in its box on my bedroom floor, and I promise, I’ll share it with you soon, but this week I am unable to do so. And I’m out of town next week, so, you know, probably not then, either. Whoops.


The following is a spread for people who like astrology. In classical astrology, there are seven “planets” (orbiting celestial bodies, in contrast with the relatively fixed state of the stars), all of which are visible with the naked eye.* They are:

-Luna (the Moon)
-Sol (the Sun)

(You can see why I put the word “planets” in scare-quotes; the Sun and Moon are counted among them. What can I say? Ancient astrologers didn’t have telescopes. They did the best they could.)


This ordering of the planets, running from Luna through Saturn, is called the “Chaldean Order”, and is a ranking of the planets by how quickly they move across the sky (fastest to slowest). Each of the seven planets is traditionally connected to a different domain of human life, so we can pretty easily convert them into a Tarot spread.**

Seven Planets Tarot Spread

  1. Luna: Emotions and intuition
  2. Mercury: Intellect and communication
  3. Venus: Romance and partnerships
  4. Sol: The central aspect of the querent’s life at the time of the reading
  5. Mars: Conflict and agression
  6. Jupiter: Luck and money
  7. Saturn: Work and burdens

Spreads like this, which offer one card each for various disparate issues, are useful when you get a querent who looks at you with eyes as dead as a shark’s and says, “I dunno what I want to ask. Just give me a general reading.”

If you want to get really fancy, you can even bring in the astrological attributions of the cards when you’re performing this reading. For example, if you pull the High Priestess (who is linked to Luna) in position 5, that might suggest that the conflicts happening in your querent’s life are directly linked to the emotional energies that popped up in position 1. Or if you pull Strength (linked to Leo) in position 4, then–provided you have enough of a handle on astrology–you can interpret the most important aspect of a querent’s life based on the significance that you would attribute to Sol in Leo in an astrological chart.

But that all gets a little complicated, and it’s certainly not necessary. If nothing else, this makes another friendly seven-card spread that you can add to your repertoire, on a level with classics like the Horseshoe Spread.

*Since mankind discovered the power of refraction, other planets have been added to the list, which were previously invisible to us. Personally, I disregard those planets, but you’re welcome to look them up and add them into this spread if you like.

**As with all things, there are nuances. My Tarot spread is provided extremely simplified versions of what each planet stands for, and as always, I caution you against ever thinking I actually know what I’m talking about. Other people can give you much better descriptions of each planet and its significance.


7 thoughts on “The Seven Planets Spread

  1. “when you get a querent who looks at you with eyes as dead as a shark’s and says, “I dunno what I want to ask. Just give me a general reading.”


    Nice spread!


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