Job Interview Spread

This is a simple spread that I whipped up to help myself focus before job interviews (or really, interviews of any kind). It uses six cards, laid out as shown below:

Job interview Tarot spread

The spread positions are as follows:

1. The job
Or more specifically, the nature of the job. Obviously, you know what the job is, or you wouldn’t be interviewing for it. This position is designed to help reveal something deeper about the job.

2. Why you want the job
We’re hoping for something other than the Four of Pentacles here.

3. A way you’re qualified for the job
This is probably going to be your main talking point for the interview.

4. A way you’re not suited to the job
You probably won’t want to bring this up over the course of the interview, but I think that it’s still important information to have. No job is perfect, and it’s helpful to go into an interview with a realistic understanding of how the position you’re applying for you is and is not a good fit.

5. Something to focus on to prepare yourself for the interview
That is to say, something other than a Tarot reading that you can do to get ready.

6. A potential outcome of the interview
I’m generally leery of outcome cards, which is why I’ve dubbed this a “potential” outcome. Certainly not the only possible one, nor even the most likely one. And if this position makes you nervous (i.e. if you’re worried that you’ll turn up the Ten of Swords and your confidence will be shattered), you can also perform this reading as a five-card spread and leave the outcome card off altogether.

As always, if you try this spread, I’d love to know how it goes for you!

8 thoughts on “Job Interview Spread

  1. This is so what I needed! I just found out yestetday that my brother lost his job and is looking for work. This spread may really come to good use to help him out. Synchronicity for the win! Thank you! 🙂 🙂


  2. I have a job interview with a community organization coming up and I am really nervous about it. I did this spread and the outcome is really inspiring. My deck is suggesting that I am interested in the job for the creativity potential in the position, but it will be taxing emotionally (which I fully expect it to be.) It also suggest that a strength is that I am already loved by the people there, and that I should be creative in my approach and potentially pull out my stops to get the position. Going into this interview I am a little calmer and I think I have some good ideas for the process. Thanks for the spread, it has been helpful.


  3. This is an amazing spread, very powerful. I guess I should come back to comment tomorrow after the interview or next week once I find out if I got the job, but I was very impressed by how well this spread read my wishes, qualifications, challenges and what I need to do to prepare for the interview.

    The outcome it showed me could go either way from the job’s perspective, but whatever it’ll be will be good for me in the long run.

    Thank you for this. It’s the perfect spread for someone preparing for an interview and I am grateful I found it just now.


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