Samhain Tree Spread

Saturday is Halloween, or for those following a Pagan path, Samhain. The beginning of winter on the Celtic calendar and the halfway point of autumn on the Gregorian, this holiday is a time of harvest, death, and putting things to rest. Here’s a short, tree-shaped spread to explore some of the energies surrounding Samhain:

I used my beloved Tarot de Jacques Viéville for this sample.

1. The Trunk of the Tree

The first card you lay down is the central, vertical card. This is the trunk of your Samhain tree, and represents the enduring issue the reading is trying to address. This card is the central theme of the reading.

2, 3, 4. The Dying Branches

As autumn progresses, the leaves continue to fall, leaving the tree with only a skeleton of what it was before. These three cards, read collectively, show the impermanent aspects of the central issue: things that are going to change, things that need to be changed, things that will pass away altogether.

5. Roots

But even in the heart of winter, when all the outward trappings have fallen away, a tree is not dead. There is still life in its roots, waiting to grow again with the spring. This final card, placed horizontally, shows an aspect of the central issue that hasn’t yet manifested itself–a form of growth and positive change that can only occur once the dying energies of cards 2 through 4 have been stripped away.

(And in case you were curious, here are the cards that I pulled when I was laying out the sample spread. Make of them what you will.)


Happy Halloween, everyone! And if you do end up using this spread, please let me know how it goes!


11 thoughts on “Samhain Tree Spread

    1. Thanks! I’m not Pagan either, but I do like using a lot of the seasonal symbolism associated with various Pagan holidays. It’s a good way to keep track of personal and psychological changes over time. Glad you liked the spread!


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